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During your stay

Useful information for your stay in Bern

Bern Ticket

Travel for free in Bern! The Bern Ticket is a great deal for visitors staying in Bern. If you’re staying at least one night in tourist accommodation in the city of Bern you’ll receive this complimentary ticket, which lets you travel for free on public transport in zones 100/101 operated by the Libero Association. The ticket also includes the popular Marzilibähnli and Gurtenbahn funicular railways, as well as transfers to and from Bern Airport.

The Bern Ticket is valid throughout your entire stay in Bern. When you arrive, the confirmation of your hotel or boarding house reservation guarnatees you a free public transport transfer from the train station or Bern Airport to your accommodation.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Route map Bern Mobil (pdf)[/ilink]

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Timetable Guisanplatz -> Bahnhof/Wabern (pdf)[/ilink]


Postfinance AG
Mingerstrasse 12
3014 Bern

Bank Coop AG
3014 Bern

Valiant Bank AG
Breitenrainplatz 33
3014 Bern

Western Union Money Transfer
Mo-Sa 7-19.30, So 9-19 Uhr
Bahnhof Railcity
0800 007107

Shop opening times
Department stores in the city centre
Thu closed
Friday 9-20 h
Saturday 9-17 h
Sunday closed

Bärenplatz Saturday 8-16 h
Bundesplatz Saturday 7-12 h
Münstergasse Saturday 7-12 h